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The three brothers who constitute the Trio, now at the height of their maturity and knowledge, made AsFâr, their fifth album, with music composed as well as “experienced” by all three of them. For the discovery of other cultures cost them a lot of struggles as well as many joys.

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United here for their first album, the Joubran brothers' music is thrilling and mournful all at once. Interspersed with moments of silence, their melodies tell of sadness and hope and, above all, of the desire to give voice to Palestine.

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A l'Ombre des mots

The third CD/DVD album, from the August 2008 concert in Ramallah is an intense tribute to the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish with whom the Trio collaborated for more than twelve years.

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The Joubran's Trio second opus, is the arabic translation of the word "metaphor": just like that rhetorical technique, the trio intended once more to carry its audience from one emotion to another. For this second album, the Trio brought in percussionist Yousef Hbeisch. A new international tour, made all the richer for his artistic contribution, is at the heart of their program for the 2007-2008 seasons. Between painful, ecstasy and somptuous silence, the Trio's overwhelming stage performances are both precise and overflowing with emotions that take their audience's breath away. This new album reveals the maturity of a trio that took flight with "Randana", and "Majâz" whose is an invitation to travel. 

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The first 10 years

This collection celebrating their career over the past ten years, features their first albums: Randana and Majâz, À l'ombre des mots (In the Shadow of Words) with the voice of poet Mahmoud Darwish - an anthology with strong, symbolic meaning; music from the film Le Dernier Vol (The Last Flight) - an extraordinary collaboration with Chkrrr, and the Trio's latest and impressively mature album Asfâr with the voice of Dhafer Youssef and the well-known rhythm of ever-faithful percussionist, Youssef Hbeisch. A stunning DVD depicting the life of the Joubrans at the height of their art on stage and off is included in the collection.